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Eligibility Criteria: Must have an advocate to use this program

What is an Advocate?A patient must have an Advocate in order to enroll in Bridges to Access.
Recognizing the important role that healthcare professionals play in the overall healthcare of patients, Bridges to Access uses “Advocates” to help patients enroll in our program.
For the purpose of Bridges to Access, an Advocate is any non-family member who:
has a relationship in the delivery of healthcare services to the patient, and
agrees to help the patient enroll and manage ongoing participation in Bridges to Access
Usually this is a physician, physician assistant, pharmacist, pharmacist technician, nurse, social worker or someone who works in the healthcare office or facility where the patient is being treated. What are the roles and responsibilities of an Advocate?An Advocate is responsible for the following: helping patients obtain, complete, and sign the one-page enrollment form;
contacting Bridges to Access by phone to enroll patients; sending in documentation after telephone enrollment is complete; ordering product refills for patients if patients require assistance; helping patients re-enroll after a year, if needed; informing GSK of any prescription, address or income changes, and helping patients with other Bridges to Access issues.

To become an Advocate, simply call 1-866-PATIENT or click Register as An Advocate. Advocates will be issued a personal six-digit identification number for program usage.

Patients must meet all of the following guidelines to qualify for Bridges to Access:
Be a United States resident
Have no prescription drug benefits through any insurer/payer/program*
Have gross monthly household income at or below: 48 Contiguous States and District of Columbia
Size of Family Unit
Monthly Gross Income 1.) $2,256.25 2.) $3,035.42 3.) $3,814.58 4.) $ 4,593.75

Please call 1-888-825-5249 for more information.

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